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 ACTIVITIES     Monday, November 20, 2017  
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Postgraduate regulation guideline workshop (17/5/2017) (For postgraduate students)


Postgraduate Unit has organised a workshop about new regulations for postgraduate students at college of pharmacy. See detail

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Postgraduate regulation guideline workshop (16/5/2017)  (For lecturers) 


Postgraduate Unit has organised a workshop about new regulations for postgraduate students at college of pharmacy.  See details

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Chemical ingredients of energy drinks  (15/5/2017)

College of pharmacy has organized a workshop on Monday at 10.30 (15/5/2017), presented by Mr. Hemn Khalid about (Chemical ingredients of energy drinks).  See detail

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(Chemistry of dermal facial fillers) (14/05/2017)

(Chemistry of dermal facial fillers) is a title of the workshop organized by College of pharmacy which was presented by Mr. Hemn Khalid on Sunday at 10.30 AM (14/05/2017). Mr. Hemn Khalid showed different kind of chemical compounds manufactured by companies used in the dermal facial fillers situations. see detail

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College of pharmacy has organized a workshop presented by Mr. Hemn Khalid about (COMPOSITION & CHEMISTRY OF DENTIFRICES). During the workshop, the presenter explained the composition of different types of tooth brushes, and toothpastes not only in one brand but also in different brands. See details
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Environment's day (16/04/2017)

Some activities in the college of pharmacy have been conducted by some faculty staff and some volunteer students on 16-04-2017 as environments day of Kurdistan. see details

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Google scholar citation account (23/04/2017)

College of pharmacy was organized a workshop presented by Dr.Hiwa O. Ahmad about Google Scholar citation. The presenter explained the importance of google scholar account for academic staffs. During the work shop, several accounts have been opened for some academic staffs and encourage them to update all accounts with recent publications. Before and after this workshop the presenter helped all academic staffs technically to open their google citation accounts.

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Festival Activities (12 April, 2017)

Festival of Pharmacy College –Hawler Medical University

Festival of Pharmacy College is an annual festival provides students talented activity under lecturer’s supervision to extend their exhibitions. Our basic mission in Festival was to rising student’s talents and giving them opportunity to introduce themselves to visitors and attendance.

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Active Leaders in Pharmacy presented their IYLEP Seminar

We, as the administrative staff of the college, are very proud of active leaders Bahra Handren Muhammed and Ahmed Lateef Jamal for being chosen as participants of the IYLEP program this year and now we thank them for their contribution to our college as they presented a seminar about the program and their experience in America for the students.

"Through the IYLEP program, we learned a lot, had amazing experiences, made new friends all over the world, and had a lot of fun! So, we wanted to help our friends have a chance to participate in this program" said Ahmed, a second stage student in the College of Pharmacy. Ahmed and Bahra went through a very competitive process in order to be accepted into this program which is funded by the US embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Bahra, who is a fourth stage student at Microbiology, College of Health Sciences, talked about the program and said " IYLEP gave me a totally different perspective about education and goals in life , you get to know yourself through the experience , it is really once in a lifetime experience and a great opportunity to catch. I hope we helped our students get motivated and understand the program through our seminar". We extend our gratitude towards these two students and hope they are followed by other activities and projects done by other active students as well.


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Programming and curriculum development ( 20/04/2017)

College of pharmacy at Hawler medical university organized a workshop of pharmacy curriculum in collaboration with colleges of pharmacy of Sulaymaniyah and Duhok universities on 20th April 2017. In the workshop, the council members of pharmacy colleges from Kurdistan universities were participated, a number of seminars were presented on current applied pharmacy curriculum with suggested advancements then team discussion groups worked on most updated scientific requirements for the curriculum to fullfill kurdistan ministry of higher education regulations and international pharmacy education accreditation boards.

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On April, 2017, a group of faculty staff of the college of Pharmacy carried out a volunteering campaign to provide medications to internal displaced persons (IDPs) in Khazer camp. Several visits have been conducted to the camp to provide this assistance.

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